Monday, November 28, 2011

Engagement photos

 We had a blast working with Chandra Goodman on our engagement photoshoot. She really is talented. my favorite shots where the ones with the apples when we are laying down i am absolutely in love with the kissing one. It really captured the snow white theme i was going for. Check out some of her work Delite photography.

Friday, November 25, 2011

my sudden disapearance will shortly be explained

As of Nov 3rd I'm a married woman !!! Cheer and clap for the lucky lady.... Although planning and organizing my wedding was a dream come true. Of course with the help of my dads wallet and my fiances constant cooperation, the actual ordeal was the most stressful thing i ever did pull together. i wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Being the control freak that i am if i didn't have total say on everything i probably would have punched to person closest to me at that given time. Anyway to make things short i have been sooo super busy planning my lil wedding since May and therefore have not been paying close attention to my blogger friends :( for that i am sorry. dont fear i still looked fabulous in the process but the cute outfits were just not recorded on my blog. maybe ill do a quick rundown still debating . but.... i will do a blog about my wedding dress and the event !! ahhhhh you all will absolutely love it i know i do ! stay tunned

there is so much i need to update on ;
family vacations , weekend trips , our new dogs, our wedding of couse , honey moon , buying our first home and the remodel and decorations i better get to work