Saturday, April 30, 2011


shoes- Charlotte russe jeans- American eagle ring-forever21 
Goodwill goodies !!

this shirt and belt .... yea both from goodwill
I bought this shirt because the color is perfectly Easter. no?
anyways so i ended up changing my outfit plans last minute... and rocked a dress instead. nevertheless i still love this shirt. Its so comfy!! i might have to alter it tho cuz the sleeves are a tad bit huge..
As for this totally 90's cheetah belt (it has a fran from the nanie feel to it huh?) it was only a buck!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring is in the air

 I cant believe its already the end of April!!
slow it down 2011 your flying right past me .
i guess its kinda good it's going by so fast that means I'm staying busy .

can anyone tell me why this dress is size large ?
i bought it at down east basics and since they didn't have my size i decided to just purchase the large.. better fit then a small i think. Sometimes clothing can be constricting dontcha think??  i like that i swim in this dress with out looking like a "frump de la frump" (thats my made up word for sloppy)

these pics where taken by Ms. Asthon. Thanks for the images girly.

Im wearing :
shoes- bought them in cali (the alleys)
dress- down east basics
belt- hottie

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter chic

Needless, i am so happy and blessed . Easter weekend was amazing...recap some of the events shall we?

On Saturday i met up with friends at the mesa temple Easter pageant . What a show.. although I've seen it many times it always manages to yank a tear from me. Even more amazing is the fact that these events truly happened .. that god loves us so much he allowed his son to pay for our sins and set up the atonement for all of us.

Anyway after the pageant sky and i went to watch the movie Rio . In 3d !!   ahhh it was such a good movie i recommend it . I love blue
sorry pic is kinda blurry 
On Easter Sunday i attended my best friend jade's son n her hubby's baptism. i was so glad i could be there with them to celebrate such an amazing time in their lives. :) plus her church is way fun ! Praise the Lord  hehe
After that i dashed over to YSA ward  !! I LOVE MY CHURCH!  Oh and sky finally came with...
We had awesome speakers and of course very emotional being Easter n all . This is what i wore 

shoes bakers
dress last chance
cardi forever21
necklace borrowed moms

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Color blocking?

 Tried to give this whole color blocking thing a go ...
 I give myself  a grade of.... drum roll please .... maybe a C and that's pushing it ladies! ekk never had a C before !
i tried guys :( extra credit for effort right ??  but to make up for the "not so brilliant hues" i posed by a cactus :) is that a smile i virtually see??
think i should go shopping for some bright neon pieces. and give it a try again... this whole color blocking thing is so intriguing
lets put that on my to do list, sounds like a plan.

Just me and ol' cactus friend here ...we go way back like Cadillac
Did you know I'm the human cactus chameleon  yeah its on my resume I'm not bragging or anything lol
Nothing to see here, move it along!

shoes- Steve Madden
skirt- Romeo and Juliet couture
belt -stole from mama
shirt- tjmaxx

weekend recap

General conference was this weekend! Did you guys watch?? I have come to realize how amazing our church is and even more amazing are our leaders and the messages they give to us through conference. My favorite favorite speaker was Richard G. Scott watch here if you please.

If not i leave you with snaps shots of this weekend enjoy 

(1) Pea soup
(2) Arizona sunset
(3) My nephew. Cutest boy i ever laid eyes on !!

In other news  I've been thinking of doing a bedroom makeover... cute purple vintage princess theme isn't doing it for me ... I've been graving change lately maybe a trip to ikea is in my near future for now here is a peak at my room now maybe we can come up with ideas together !! hooray for team work

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hazel mood

Nothing is yummier than bagel and strawberry cream cheese !! don't argue with me
today i was feeling a lil blaahhh
but to lift my spirits i decided to chance up the scenery a bit by wearing a pencil skirt
skirts are like the happy pill of a wardrobe dontcha think??... ya i do too

top: Michael kors from Plato's only 8.00 bucks
skirt: hand me downs from my younger sis ...would that be hand me ups??
belt: came with some shirt
shoes: you cant see but I'm wearing these

so all in all, this outfit plus the shoes is worth about 30 bucks that's pretty good naw??

Friday, April 1, 2011

learn something

 Father daughter(s) time rocks ! and so does prepping for flower potting


dodge ball is way fun !!

symphony bars are evil and i love them

gardening is not and old lady hobby

when making sconces remember to read the recipe correctly and not add 2 tablespoons of salt instead of teaspoons ekkk


being healthy should be a goal

doing nice things for other people makes your soul smile

how much i have been missing out on by being inactive

date night

shoes bakers
dress Charlotte's Russe on sale 14.99
cardi forever 21

My friend and i went to the coolest little hole in the wall restaurant the other night
Los Reyes de la Torta... if the name alone doesn't convince you maybe the fact that they were featured on the show Man vs Food will do the trick.
these tortas are scrumbtiolicious i tell you
i could only eat half of mine and he couldn't finish his either so food definitely won

9230 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ 85020