Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Falling leaves

The last day of skirt week is here. This skirt inspired me to add some color i pulled from the turquoise in the leaves. i added a scarf to my hair mostly because i didn't really feel like doing (washing) my hair  this morning not gonna lie ... sorry for the blurriness i had totally forgot to take pics and by the time i remembered the sun had tucked away oops

Katniss Everdeen

Sunday, January 23, 2011


black and navy blue
not the happiest color combo but neither is a 10 hour work day boo...

This skirt is one of my favorites although i have a hard time trying to style outfits that don't make me look like I'm 10 years older ... any ideas? I've tried wearing flats ... that looked worse. Maybe its the fact that I'm pairing another dark color with this grey n adding black ... i don't completely hate this outfit but it can def. be improved ...

No makeup day ekkk!!! can you tell??  i think my face is improving just a lil

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Warming up

 In honor of skirt week i wanted to showcase different  lengths and styles of skirts. I  feel so free when i wear a long skirt like this one. I guess this look can be both summer and winter if u pair it with a thicker shirt or jacket. Personally  think maxi dresses are a staple and should have a home in every closet. Long maxi dresses are like the wearable pajama to me. Doesn't hurt that i can get away wearing this to work... hell yea for pajama day at work (not really)... 

Here in Arizona there is not really a winter its more liken 3 weeks of cold weather and then boom back to the hot like nothing happened... once the cold days are gone they are gone for good .... we are already reaching 70 degrees in the afternoon 8) eeeekkkkk kinda dreading the upcoming months if its already this hot

here im wearing
wedges from charlottes russe
dress from holister
botton up from bannana republic (thrifted)
belt forever21

Friday, January 21, 2011


LuchaS my sisters dog daugther is such a diva 

It was kinda chilly this morning and so i snatched up these thights to cover up the fact that didnt shave my legs...
i love  how things just work out sometimes,
so are these earings adorable? i think yess... only they are super heavy after wearing them too loong i feel my ears get stretched :( no bueno

Thursday, January 20, 2011

va va boom !!

feeling a lil seductive ... it's not me its the dress,
for some reason ( like i stated earlier ) heals tights and a short skirt calls for attention. Not to mention black (done right)  makes men look twice    .. tell me this outfit doesn't scream look at me !!

please note that i have awesome cleavage: thanks to our fabulous friend (Victoria's secrets) my boobs need all the help they can get ... lol
anyway these shoes are sooooooo uncomfortable!!!  i only wore them quickly for work but after a 6 hour day my feet where killing me :(  . Yay shoes that are cute and comfortable these unfortunately didn't do it for me 

Aldo shoes
tights form marshalls
dress thrifted a long time ago
express cardigan
belt target

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quinceanera center piece tutorial

 My cousin is having her quinceanera this July but as we all know these things need to be planned way ahead of time. Since my mom is her dress, center pieces, and bouquet "madrina" we are giving her a sneak peak at what hers will look like...

This next part will be a tutorial to help them recreate the center pieces my mom designed for her big day  :: if you would rather not read it all you can scroll all the way down and see the final result enjoy :)

items you will need :
3 large flowers
lavender flower
pom pom flowers (anything will do)
long grass
2 different color marbles n river pebbles
large square shaped vase

cut the foam to the desired size , make sure you leave enough space for the pebbles you will fill the vase with later on... use hot glue to secure the foam in place

cut your flower stems to the desired size, and stick inside the foam. 

next use your scissors to curl the grass

place the pebbles and marbles into your vase alternating colors

  next is the lavender cut lil sections of your plant , and stick them way deep into th vase barely peaking out

 do the same with the pom pom ones

cant forget the glitter rocks and the huge diamonds !!

Tadaaa!!! your finished and ready to go! now make about 20 of these babies and place them on each table.. can your just imagine how cute her party will be ? i know its gonna look terrific