Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Engagement shots

 So while browsing the web for some photo shoot inspiration i came across some of the most adorable and unique engagement photos. Aren't these couples just so precious?? i think i want my engagement pics to be just as unique !!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Wedding theme

And they lived happily ever after...

That's how all fairytales end. What if i dont what it to end, what if its only the beginning.
of a beautiful life together.
 I was inspired to do a snow white theme wedding.by the Alfred Angelo Disney collection
At first i thought it a little childish and maybe even corny but then i  found some really cute ideas.
So our wedding colors are Deep blue and a plum purple. I wasn't digging the yellow, royal blue, and red color palette snow white has going on... and i didnt want to make it super obvious that its a snow white theme wedding so instead of red apples we are doing green. Oh, bonus for using fruits that are in season... this will cut back on cost since we wont be using as much flowers to decorate with. The big day is in November so i hope the weather isnt too cold we are having an outdoor wedding in the evening but dont worry we live in arizona so the weather stays in the 80-60 range  .
so here's the scheme plan kiddos...

our wedding favors will be candy apples

 we will use lots of woodsy elements like tree trucks and moss since snow white lives in the forest

 i want to have empty frames hanging everywhere so that our guest can take cute pics
and a cute "mirror mirror on the wall" to really tie everything snow white together

hahahaha im totally kidding about this one but just for kicks check out this cake ...

Hair buns gallore


pick one please!

Blossom Poll


 Calla lillies
Dark hydrangeas and roses

hydrangeas and babys breath in pink

calla liles roses and iris

these down here are fabric peonies ...
So many options !!! Picking flowers is hard they are all so gorgeous. I wish i could have all the bouquets and not have to choose just one, but that's being a diva and i dont want that title on my wedding day ahah
so i'm really leaning towards hydrangeas and rose if i do a fresh flower bouquet. My other option is doing a fabric flower bouquet and with that the possibilities are endless so help me out ladies which one is your fav. and what do you think go with fresh flowers or fake it ??