Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cake contenders

These are some of the cakes that i have in mind for my wedding reception. which one is your fav? the colors of flowers would be purple most likely hydrangeas carnations or roses

Monday, June 20, 2011

flying past sunday

Last 3 Sunday's outfits of the day .
i know i have been slacking big time
in my defense planning a wedding is hard work ppl... and by this i mean i spend all my shift browsing through hairstyles, centerpieces, and invitations and i don't have time left over to blog
no more neglecting my blog duties i promise


On our way to the Tim Mcgraw concert. Im officially country guys . We were so excited. We started taking pics. Doesn't my baby have the cutest smile??. the last picture truly captures our loving relationship, look how freakin happy we both are <3

we had a blast at the concert Mr. mcgraw is such a hottie too.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

guess what...

This girl is Engaged !!!!
Sky popped the question on Saturday June 4th 2011. Should i give you guys the story ... okay if you insist
so he had been insisting that we go for a hike . i was kind of hesitant cuz earlier i had gotten stung by a wasp on my booty cheek and was a little sore. i hate you wasp ... anyways so we are going on this nightly mountain hike. So we are hiking and mind you this its as dark as a moonless night and we only have one flashlight. the wind kept making the bushes rattle and i was getting a wee bit scared that it was a rattle snake i said to skyler "babe lets go there what if there is snakes" he responded with " I'll protect you love, don't worry" aww soo sweet! so we are climbing and this hike goes around the mountain so we come to a part where we have to round a corner and we see a faint outline of something in the distance and its making weird noises... 
he shines the flashlight on it and I'm thinking what is that ... (scared)
all i see is balloons and glow sticks
immediately i think of look somebody died here how sad they made a memorial
then he stops and I'm like babe come on i thought you wanted to go on a hike and i start to walk away 
hes still not moving 
then i guess i take a closer look at the set up and i realize its a picnic 
at this point I'm thinking oh i see someone is having a romantic dinner here ( its close to prom ) those silly high school kids...
all of a sudden he gets down on one knee pulls the ring case out and shines it's brilliant belongings up  to my face my and says my name followed by a question every girl dreams to hear being uttered by the man of their dreams( he is that man )
eeek so of course i say yes !!

i cant believe how sneaky he was ... he got me good. i really didn't think that i was gonna get my ring this soon.
he had told me all along that i wouldn't have my ring till September due to some financial adjustments he would have to make. ant then he came up with the clever story that somebody else wanted my ring and that i would have to go pick out a different one. that really made me sad, but i was resigned to making the best of it and i kindly agreed and told him that if i had to pick out a different ring it was fine. 

 never did i suspect that he had the ring all along and that my sisters were in on it and they were setting things up to have him propose that same day hahaha love it!! thanks to everyone involved

Soon to be Mrs.... Swanson that is :)

Monday, June 6, 2011


Hot summer day at four peaks. perfect day. i hadnt shot a gun in a while it was way fun. I even shot the rifle !
Bullets in my ears sweat on my brow and a gun in my hand i feel dangerous ! do you see that watermelon ? my baby blew it up with his rifle!! sexy !
At least now i have the certainty that we wont ever go hungry .
We can just hunt like in the hunger games haha joking
I had a great time except for the part where a stupid annoying wasp stung me right in the left butt cheek !!!
(i'm still swollen 3 days later)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The grounds I walk on now

If i sit and think about how drastically my life has changed since 2011 i realize how blessed and loved i am. All the goals that i set for myself i have striven to accomplish. The things that I've dreamed for all my short life are quickly being received . Its crazy! This level of happiness should be illegal haha jk. I now truly know and appreciate that this is the reason heavenly father planned such a complex yet simple contract for us. 

Visiting the temple grounds with Sky on Sunday felt like heaven. The peace we obtained can't even be explain it so why bother, but let me say this: Once you have experienced this joy you will never forget it or will want to let it slip through your fingers, just saying !!!