Thursday, March 31, 2011

gel nails

what am i loving rigth now ??
ill tell ya
this awesome shellac gel manicure
the lady at the salon said they are good for 2 weeks
no chipping yet and i got them on Monday 
i think they are holding up pretty good: i have played dodge ball, went to the gym, baked and still not a sign of chipping. I file my nails square which makes for more accidents but so far so good! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

deals n steals

Earlier this week i went on a lil shopping trip with my sister. We went to superstition mall and gap was having a sale ! i found this cardi for 29.99 yay for sales

topic change: so im almost done with the book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, i gotta say its a good suspenseful book and a well written one at that ...but i just don't like all the gory sexual violence it comes with. I wish books had ratings (this one is an R) like movies. That way you would know what your getting into. It sucks that once you start reading and your into the book and all this gross stuff happens your scared for life ...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hair timeline

I was inspired by Gertrude from Bows and Pearls to do this post.
She did her hair Chronicles here .
Since one of my new year resolution was to try to grow out my hair i thought id show you guys my hair in my younger years ... it was long and i miss it dearly ...some days more than others

It's so fun to see how many different hairstyles you have sported thru the years. let face it in some of these pics i ask myself what was i thinking...
wether its by a cut, the color, the texture. or the lenght hair makes such a deference in adding personality to your look .. hair is like a signature to your style and I'm so glad i can always change "fonts" so to speak
my motto when it comes to hair : go all out its just hair its gonna grow back !!

Top to left: Senior year i was rockin the natural hair color with a tiny bit of highlights my hair was middle of back length
top right: went blond after graduation it was a dramatic change for me 
bottom left curls and more blond ... 
beach blond this was my fried stage. I don't know how my hair still stayed on my head at this point but the length was a lil shorter by now... Sooo high maintenance... so much of my money was wasted spend on touch ups uggghhh i get stressed just thinking about it. I'm not gonna lie i had way too much fun being a blond

the mullet cut... after all the dead fried hair from the bleach was cut i was left with this mess. gotta admit one of my worst looks
pixie cut i loved how easy short hair is to style cuz wake up and go lol no really
rocking the bangs! switches up the face frame but too much work having to get them trim so often was not my fav...
present day lenght... natural hair color it grew so much since last year i promised myself no more cuts just regular trims crossing my fingers hopefully i get to shoulder length by the summer :)

Dear hair: please hurry up and grow !!

Dressed in Sunday's best

This is what i wore Sunday for church 
shoes: Betsy Johnson $15 at last chance best deal 
dress: Dillard's
cardi: gap only 19.00 on sale used to be 69.99 wooo hooo for sales

this outfit was a smash hit with the ladies. Everyone kept complimenting me on my "skirt" only i knew its true identity a dress ! haha

A couple of nights ago i was having the worst day ever. As always when having a bad day, i lit my little  scentsy candle to try to relax and i prayed... when i was done praying i layed down in bed and just tried to go to sleep ... i could not... so i opened my eyes and there it was

lol i could not stop smiling ! god has such a way when answering prayers ...i mean i know its silly but this little heart made my night in so many ways it still makes me smile now as I'm writing this blog ... i guess its god's and i inside joke :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pink n yellow

someone is having writers block right now
i wanna tell you guys all about this awesome top that i found on sale at Charlotte's Russe for only 14.99
that i love how lightweight and summery it makes me feel....
that these shoes have nothing to do with pink but i thought gold and yellow are kinda in the same family so i thought i'd pair them together
also that these pants rock my world because they are bell bottoms and I'm falling in love with calf freedom
but its Friday morning and I'm a lil lot tired ...
wait i think i just accomplished the task right? telling you guys about my outfit haha this will have to do

shirt- Charlotte's russe
belt- target
pants- forever21
shoes- bakers

On a more fulfilling note
have you ever been to :

 If you live in the valley you have to go
it's located on the northwest corner of southern and Gilbert here in mesa there is another location on power and baseline
this place is family owned . they make their own bread and super yummy custard and delicious strawberry shortcake yummmmm

This is a grinder trio !! my tummy loves .... i swear the bread melts in your mouth its scrumbshalishious


Monday, March 21, 2011

jealous much

not much of and outfit post but these Betsy Johnson shoes where only fifteen bucks !!!!
Hello...!! that's enough news for a post right?
well in my book "Be Jo" shoes at that price-unthinkable and since i rule this blog i say go for it honey...
when i saw these at Last Chance i was so excited
then i actually wore them and fell in love with the comfort
now i wanna wear them everyday but we all know I'm not a one shoe type of girl and all the other shoes in my closet will get jealous

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue revival

I wore this Tuesday sorry its so late, i haven't been online for some days ill explain on the next post  but for now let me give you a list of reasons why i love these blue shoes:

they are super comfy
i only paid 30 dollars for them
they look good with EVERYTHING
they are satin, ahem that means they are fabulous!!
can dress them up or down
they make me look tall
Did i mention they are comfortable yes i did but i had to reiterate

I'm loving this wide leg pant fad that's coming back. i think ill adopt it. The seventies are our friends, right?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

blush color

Serenity is what i feel this very day
facing fears
rejecting past actions
acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses 
all part of growing up and i love it and beginning to embrace who i truly am. 
Who i have always been 

 Mondays are not usually this busy but i guess productivity is making a comeback
After work i accompanied my sister to court to have baby nephews last name changed back to her own.  -Note to self: if ever trying to give sissy advice tell her to do the opposite of what you would see best fit. obviously she's gonna choose to do the opposite... reverse psychology works so well with her

Ugh so off topic but while we were at court this man sat next to me on the bench waiting for his case to be heard. This man had lots of questions. The problem was his breath was horrendous!!!  i can even begin to understand how someone can have such horrible breath and not feel just a lil bit embarrassed... do they not realize people holding their respiration just to avoid the sour smell of rotten eggs so nauseating that is assaulting their olfactory senses. I'm sorry I'm a bit passionate about this topic. If your breath stinks keep your mouth closed, or please please please use a mint or gum... better yet visit your dentist that fact that i can smell your breath from 3-5 feet is tall tale sign that your teeth are rotten and so-not healthy

moving on to better smelling topics and tales
Went to fhe today!!! we played spoons had never done either. I had so much fun. Actually talked to people and they seemed nice and happy to know me. I didn't at all feel awkward as i often feel at church gatherings lol that makes me smile

know what else makes me smile, this one boy
you know what else makes me thing of this boy - everything and i kinda hate it... but not too much

ugh smitten

skirt thrifted
shirt gift from sis
shoes pulse 5 bucks
necklace borrowed from mom

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday ootd

Had a great morning, at around noon got ready for church and by 4 i was on my way to the ostrich festival with nephew and my sissy. It was a pretty chill day

dress from a thrift store
shoes are from bakers

Friday, March 11, 2011

silly lessons:

Don't walk barefoot in the sand: While at my GYN office this week, i over heard a lady talking to the doctor on the phone. She was complaining about painful contractions just at 7 months. She was on vacation. He asked if she had walked in the sand...which i thought was weird why would u ask her that in a time like this doctor?? Does he not realize this is not the time to be making small talk relating to her vacation...well he wasn't making small talk he was trying to get to the bottom of her unexplainable contractions. you see, apparently some tiny evil creatures (parasites) we can't see like to dig their way into the skin on your feet and make you sick....
this is what caused her premature labor weeiiirrrrd

I will someday quit my job to become a private investigator cause that is my calling... this will all take place inside my head

Country music can be sexy when being sang by Scotty Mcgreery from American idol !! this coming from a self proclaimed country music hater... Dear country music please accept my apology...


Being grateful for what you have... often we dont realize how lucky we are to have a family, a home ,health,  jobs, friends we can depend on. All of these things and more are privileges and can be removed in the blink of an eye. So many people lost loved ones in japan today due to the 8.9 earthquake. This natural phenomenon took so many lives and left many without more here
my heart goes out to all those affected by this and i will keep them in my prayers

Guard your heart with all you've got  people like to steal things

okay gotta go file papers and do some actual work now talk to ya soon

Friday, March 4, 2011

Something new

Alycia from the crowley party is doing a challenge i think is pretty awesome. So basically every Friday we list what we have learned that week. Could be silly could be serious either way learning is growing and that's what we are striving for here ...

  • Getting my blood drawn makes me have a laughing attack 
  • I'm a hopeless romantic
  • Juicy Couture perfume makes guys notice your wearing perfume (not cool when you work with all these creepy old guys) 
  • You can't ever get used to braces ugh cant wait to get them off... April!!

  • How to repent 
  • Gentlemen are not extinct
  • I am worth it!! enough said 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

men in glasses...

Totally hot !!! there is just something so sexy about a smart man right ladies?
not that wearing glasses makes you smart... but that inner nerd that seems to appear when you throw a pair on, i just love it !
Square ray bans have to say make me smile!!!  A lil too much and i should get back to work instead of daydreaming about boys