Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Its my birthday today !
My family woke me up for with presents and then we decided to head out to ihop for pancakes.

Later on in the day we met up at the Cheesecake Factory for my birthday dinner.
Holly, Gabby n her hubby came with to celebrate me turning 21 and finally being able to order my own drink lol. i ordered the pomegranate margarita. It was delicious, i had 2 feeling a lil rebellious. We had a great time thank you guys for a wonderful night and celebrating with me on my big day

my sisters husband acting silly... those girls back there where not happy campers they were so jealous we were having fun and they were gloomy loomies with no friends haha this is a great shot

My man man and i ate this wonderful delight of a cheesecake.

Omnomnom yea u know u want some goodies
My mama and dad got me a cute lil jewelry manikin
younger sissy  got me work out clothes and running shoes
my older sister got me the book catching fire ! i was so excited cuz I'm almost done with hunger games and of  course super anxious to know what will happen next in the trilogy BTW book review coming soon the hunger games n catching fire maybe ill wait till i read the third one but look out for it . 

Monday, December 27, 2010

my lips match my nails

Today im wearing shirt from forever 21 

All suddenly over !! Im done with the 30 by 30 *jumps up in the air* so glad !! i will be able to use my other clothes finally i missed them so much.

Things i learned from the challenge:
My closet is full of clothes that are multifunctional but until recently i completely ignored them due to the lack of creativity.

i have a whole bunch of crap that either doesn't fit me or looks horrible on me but i refuse to part with it,,, that will change soon

i need more accessories

Colors are your friend

Getting dressed in the morning can be fun if you know exactly what is in your closet.

A no shopping can be such a relief sometimes

i miss shopping but realize that i don't need some everything i see on display

what looks good in you head might not look so good once it's actually on your body... either way try it on to find out you might be pleasantly surprised at what mixing and matching can become

Monday, December 20, 2010

baby your a fiiiiiireee work

This picture captured my joy ! my sister snapped it at the most perfect moment. and now it has been recorded for all the world to see it with me !  Luchas is top model material. The girl is fierce!!! She's better at "smiling with her eyes" than i am lol .

   i spent the day at the mall with my sissys,  baby nephew, and mama doing some last minute Christmas shopping. It was pretty fun. Now my sister is taking a shower and we are getting ready to go watch The movie Burlesque with the girls !! ill let you ladies know how i like it. I'm Excited! for ladies night !!
  speaking of liking there is this cool song on the radio that i just love. hah my sister thinks its ugly cuz it sounds they play the accordion i think, and she associates that with Paisa music. Paisa music is what is known to others as Mexican regional . Yes I'm Mexican and damn proud of it .. i know and listen to that but to me this song doesn't sound anything  like clown music or Paisa.   its pretty cool they could incorporate such an instrument sound into this club song but ill let you guys listen to it and see if you guys like it ...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

sunday bumday

Where is your library card !!???

Sorry i had a long day at work today and definitely needed some rest after 8 hours. i should have at least done a quick makeup touch up or reapply  but since i didn't..... i had to funnify this picture by editing . I introduce to you...  lady librarian She lives inside all of us i promise ! mine is pretty nice and very quiet . 

alright im out 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

breaking the water

Today was a lil rainy . I love it when it rains here. The only downside of it is that people get all panicky on the road since they aren't at all used to wet pavement. Anyway feeling no need to put on makeup today since it so humid i might as well let my face breathe for some hours. 
don't u love my nutcracker body guards?? i think they are pretty amazing

jessica simpson shoes
jeggings from last chance
banana republic top
belt stole from my mom   

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ballet flats make me smile

gotta love this arizona weather... r u snow ppl jelous?? i bet u are ... im sorry ill stop making u guys sad . How do u guys like my Nars foundation?? at first i was kinda mad i paid so much for foundation ($45) but i am learing to love the texture and how smooth it makes my skin look without the cakiness cuz it is a mate finish . Hope u guys enjoy the pics and dusty jumping in last minute.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MJ outfit and Breakfast for lunch

My sissy made this delicious Dutch Baby yesterday... whats a dutch baby you ask?? click here to get an answer and tutorial . anyway so i came over to her casa to make one myself for lunch.
I decided that mine should be peaches and cream instead of berries

Oom nom nom!!!!! So delicious, trust me!! you have to make one . they are super easy and if i can make one all by myself and not burn it then it must be a piece of cake right ...

And of course while we ate them we watched another one of  Marylin Monroe movies. We are totally obsessed with her. Isn't this dress gorgeous?? i told my sister i want one like this for my wedding except not blue haha .They use to make way cooler dresses back then what happened to people they just got lazy??

 My boyfriend was being such a big Meany today he made fun of my outfit cuz he said it looks like something Michael Jackson would wear... well you know what i like Michael and my outfit too ! so go kick rocks ! jk love u babe .

I leave you with this image right before i scuff down my lovely peaches n cream delight, enjoy!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

day 22?

This is my outfit for Sunday

I now realize that i have been  puttng no thought in to my outfits lately, they are getting boring . I have yet to wear my 30th item ... ok i tried to wear the dam thing and it didnt zip up : (

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 20

Lovely weather. it's in times like this that i appreciate living in Arizona. As far as I'm concerned it could stay like this forever. This 70 degree weather all day long works! Just the right temp. considering we are smack in the middle of December. Lucky us!

So i have boring work all day but at least im making money and i have tomorrow to look forward to.  You see, my lovey is taking me to watch Burlesque. Yay!! One thing that I'm gonna enjoy more than the actual movie is the torture on his face when he realizes it's a musical bhahahah he hates musicals. He promised though so he has to go through with it otherwise ill use my sad child eyes and threaten to throw a tantrum if I'm not taken! but he wont back out now i double checked... I really can't wait I'm so excited !! i miss dancing oh so very much and this will give me my theatrical binge that i ve been craving . It's either this or black swan,  i really doubt he would prefer to watch that movie its about ballet a mans least fav. topic at least with burlesque he will get some skin images. personally i wouldn't mind watching black swan one bit. On the other hand Christina Aguilera's lungs kinda calling my name.

I secretly hate how i always frown on all my pics . but trust me, its better than smiling with these braces they really are no joke!! i can't wait to get them off in march cuz i want to smile big and not feel like a dork.

today im wearing
boots are from baker
leggings from last chance
skirt Romeo and Juliet
sweater American eagle
necklace/earrings from express

hope you enjoy my timer pics.. a lil more variety now with the poses ahah. Next goal- gotta work on the blurriness

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 19

Guess I'm closer than i thought. A lil excited now :)
Only 11 more days of this torture i guess if i hadn't cheated i would be 10. So that's my fault . Any who here is what i wore today.

My bangs are getting quite long i need to trim them soon . Enjoying my posing skills haha a lil variety would help cuz the same mugshot is probably getting boring.

Delightful day 18

Today I'm wearing :
banana republic button up
jeans American eagle
scarve d&g
shoes Chinese laundry
belt forever21

OK so I'm back on track day 18 and going strong. although i really really really want to quit this challenge i wont. i will be strong and resist my shopping urges. already I'm imagining what i will wear when this is over i miss my other clothes so much and my shoes that's whats really getting to me.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

ill admit it

I'll admit it!! I'm guilty , I cheated. There was just this feeling of emptiness inside me that i got when i looked at my lonely boots. They sat there just waiting for me to wear them, enticing me with their fuzzy lil fur and their cute little nail heads around the sole... i couldn't resist.

OH the joy !!! Today baby Jaiden Tyce was born weighing in at 7 pounds 1 ounce and he measured 19 1/2 inches long . My friend Jade and her Husband are blessed to have a healthy baby in their arms . What a wonderful present just in time for the the holidays. I'm so happy for them.

here im wearing
guess booties
american eagle sweater
vest is from xi clothing
necklace i got at last chance
jeans are from macys
ring i got at forever 21

Sunday, December 5, 2010

DAY 16

Chilled with the boyfriend after work. We always seem to match our outfits telepathically its kinda funny, and so is this picture ... i asked him to take the picture of my outfit but he said he was too tired' Apparently not too tired to jump in my shot and try to steal my thunder lol its cute tho :) can't be mad at him for being his silly self


Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 parties 1 saturday

I need to stop looking at other peoples blogs and write my own.... I've spend hours clicking away at 30 by 30 remixer blogs looking for outfit inspiration...

I managed to slip out of work today go to my sister's best friend's baby shower. So glad someone could cover for me for a couple hours really didn't want to miss her homemade deserts...Sissy is one fabulous party planner. Holly and Gabby did an awesome job. the food was delicious as always, and the decorations where to die for. Check out her blog here

After work i had a cousins party to attend . the Mexican food was waiting and i was rushing to get my hands on a taco! I'm kind of embarrassed that i suck at cooking while everyone else whips out these scrumptious dishes ... the embarrassment doesn't last long apparently cuz pounce on the food like a hungry baby lion right when i see it :)

anyway here's what i wore today

what do you think of this outfit? and the nail color i personally love it and the ring just makes the color pop a lil more

Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 14

It was gym night last night. I was extremely excited for Latin heat! but since i wanted to go to the Warner n Dodson location to see Athena teach (my friend's aunt)  i guess i got stuck with hip hop... lol what a night....Athena is such a good lil teacher, no literally, she has a super tiny waist she might be little sized but she comes fully loaded to the rim with energy i was having fun .. So I'm keeping up learning all the steps and from the corner of my eye i feel a HATER ..keep in mind that i am already sore from freaking Pilates on Tuesday and i haven't danced in like months. I was hard enough keeping up and now i have to worry about this jujitsu bragging monster trying to show everyone off ... ugh, well girlfriend newsflash you are not the cutest girl in the gym since i arrived... you will see me next week just for that and i will be smiling while I'm breaking a sweat cuz those angry faces you were making cause wrinkles...  as my dear Friend would say "No bueno!"... I'm gonna come every Thursday just to piss you off . how u like them apples buddy..

ANYWAY ... Enough about the angry street fighter.

Today I'm wearing my red half sleeve shirt from express,
my tulip black and white skirt,
my nude pumps
for accessories- i borrowed this belt and necklace from my younger sis. aren't they cute ?
and of course gotta have my knuckle ring just in case i run into the jujitsu man-woman from the gym bahahah

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today is my day off !! So went to taco tote with my sisters and mama and the baby for girl talk n such . then my boy friend meet up with us up there it was a nice n yummy. So sad he has to work when im off :(
i watched rainy with a chance of meat balls and then might head to the gym but im feeling kinda lazy today... we will see.

above im wearing:
 shirt- peoples liberation got @ hautelook
jeggings- rome and juliet got @ loehmanns
boots -bakers