Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day off makeover

Today I hear my alarm blasting in my ear at 7:00. signaling me to get up and start getting ready for work. So i proceed to follow my daily routine. As I lay in my bed with my eyes closed trying to figure out what I'm gonna wear that day... I don't like to get up until i know what I'm gonna wear. (I know, i know i should get up and open my eyes as soon as i hear my alarm ring but I'm lazy. Yet, that's probably why I'm always late ). Anyway, When i finally have an outfit in mind, i crawl out of bed, groggy and buggery-eyed still. i walk over and flick the light switch and then something alarming happens...  something just isn't right, so i check my phone to confirm my suspicious. As i read my calendar, there it is... the three letter abbreviation I love to see it's Wed !!!!!!!!!!! my mind is ecstatic. My bed awaits me. 3 more hours of my favorite hobby ....sleep. Today is my day off whoop whoop yea yea!!, as my cousin Valeria likes to say...

When i finally wake from a full sleep, my batteries are recharged . An incoming call from my sister, hummm what could be better than bonding time. She says to me "its dollar day at the home fabrics store",  whaaaaat???  my eyes light up. My day just keeps getting better and better. We decide to spend our day doing our second favorite hobby which is makeover !!  but no, not for us, we are already stunning . A makeover for my bench! Yes, my bench you read correctly. It's in my room and i need to make it look fabulous. I will make the world complete again, just you wait and see.

Meet my bench. .  

This fabric selection... ummm as much as I like flower girls and/or picnics. This isn't my ideeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!- in my singing voice (from the swan princess) c'mon you know this ;D

My sister, mom, and i took a trip to our neighborhood home-depot. Upon entering a sales guy tried to hit on us on our way to the paint aisle ....but we evaded him and continued on our quest to find the spray paint. when we arrive we discuss what type of white is the best choice. I went with off white in satin finish. I proceeded to scan my item and "please show cashier ID " pops up on the screen ...""ugh, I don't have time for this, i have a makeover to do people !!"".
My mom wanted to go check out the plants so we went to the garden area. There, she told me and my sister that my dad's "Guava had dried out too"  bahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhaha my sister and i laughed through the garden aisle and everyone looked at us funny . she said "silly girls i meant his guava tree in the back yard dirty little minds". We still couldn't stop laughing.

Enough of my ramblings.... So i took my bench outside. I borrowed one of my dads screwdrivers to loosen up the base of the bench. Now she is ready for her spray down. Wait, first i laid this painter's plastic on the floor to make sure and not get paint all over it.  

Paint evenly and not too close you don't want paint to run down and clump.
If you need to do two coats go for it. (excuse my ugly hair)
 Lay down your fabric on a flat surface . Next, guesstimate how much fabric you will need to cover the desired area. Use a lil more than you think you will need. It can always be trimmed off later. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Use sharp scissors. It will help cut evenly.

With a handy-dandy staple gun. Staple the fabric to the wood. Make sure and pull the fabric tight. Also , make sure the fabric is straight . So if you have lines like i do they don't look crooked,  nobody likes squiggly lines they can make you feel sea sick jk.

Then screw the legs onto the wood board. Ummmmh that just sounds naughty . well, you know what i mean.

Here is the finished item completely amazing i know. You never thought something so great could be achieved. But here it is!!! New and improved bench. Yes, i brought you back to life. Thank me later honey.

 I use my bench to display my perfumes. Easy access in the mornings and looks so couture. Hey, maybe this will help me wake up faster in the mornings, knowing i have something cute to look at . Just might to the trick. I'll let you know if it helps me get out of bed .

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My passive aggressiveness

The other day I was enraged, the reason u ask .. Well let me explain.  My sister whom i love and her slob of a boyfriend whom i don't particularly care for... wait let me rephrase that , whom i completely HATE and everytime i see him i throw up in my mouth a lil ( ps. no i don't care if he reads hes an ape n we all know it plus i doubt that he even knows how to read so not worried) well lets just say they both are a lil sloppy when it comes to cleaning up after them selves.  Yes, i know i can be a lil bossy and i have verbalized how i feel yet i sometimes think nobody is home in their brain.They leave piles of clothes on the bathroom floor for the whole world to see and stumble over..ppl come over and they just don't care no embarrassment on their part. Mind u this i once waited it out to see if they would clean up a lil and to my demise the pile just kept on growing. Clothes on the floor  since a month ago a MONTH  im surprised there wasn't mold growing from them all the humidity and heat is the perfect harbor for such happenings. OH, but its not just clothes that bother me , pee on the seat AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh kill me now !!!! shaved hair on my sink what is wrong with ppl ?? do they not have any sense of respect for the common laws of roomate-hood. sharing a bathroom is already a pain in the ass for me now i have to share it with ppl so dam dirty . Just gross. .

Anyway my mom would get fed up and instead of beating the lights out of her (she was pregnant at the time) she would just sweetly clean up after them but not me  I absolutely refuse to clean up after ppl cuz they will never learn. so instead i decided to make them a lesson picking up clothes101

So i did what any fed up person would do- taped it to the mirror so they are sure to see it. I also put one on the toilet to depicting the different ways a toilet seat works. I later say my sister reading and laughin about the picture lesson and calling her boyfriend into the bathroom to check it out. I SMILED  a lil they understand the pictures. YAY!! . In a matter or minutes i saw my sister clorox in hand cleanin up the bathroom. LOVE IT

Saturday, September 25, 2010


So my friend asked if i could be one of her bridesmaid! I just love weddings. If i could have my dream job i think i would pick wedding planner. By the way I love the movie wedding planner totally random.
anyway I think that being in a wedding is so special and fun. You get to be part of homebody's love story and get to feel a lil bit of their love. .. Being part of a weddings party is different than just being invited to a wedding , you are up close and personal with all the decisions and the planning. Although you don't get to put your input in (only if asked) its nice seeing the party and ceremony being put together the end result is so satisfying . It is also a wonderful way to see other cultures traditions and ceremonies of religions not your own, so fun! In my past wedding experiences I have learned of the unity candle , the lasso, and Weddings also make you happy and a lil jealous (lets not lie to ourselves). My favorite part of a wedding is seeing the grooms face when the bride walks down the aisle and when the bride dances with her dad aww getting a lil watery eyed don't laugh. Other pluses of a wedding include great food, getting to dress up,  and of course the toast which lets u in on best friends point of view of the relationship which sometimes leads to getting every body emotional and teary eyed always fun to see ppl cry haha. Lets not forget the most important thing that u get to share with your friends that true love does exist and that it might be your turn next (that one always kinda scares me).   I have been in 3 weddings as a bridesmaid my sisters my best friends and now this one coming up. how many wedding have u been to as a bridesmaid and whats your fav part ?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

duty duty love

Clearly the happiest dog ever conceived . There is just something so special about his lil ball of fuzzy wuzzy hairiness. She makes me smile. We had a great labor day here at the house, being that dusty is part of the family she got to eat carne asada, swim with the kids, and play in the yard with her ball. She might have had a better time then us humans . I always wonder what she is thinking about when she makes her silly lil smiley faces, or when she turns her head sideways like she is waiting for a response, better yet is when she walks away with and attitude if u dont pay her attention. anyway enough about dusty head im gonna get some sleep but before i part her is a son written just for the best dog ever (sorry luchas i love dusty just a smidgen more).