Friday, May 27, 2011


My boyfriend (sweetest man alive) surprised me the other day with a trip to Sprinkles! i have been dying to go check out this little bakery. I've heard so many great and delicious stories of cupcake heaven. So let me tell you more ... everyday they have special flavors so the trick is to get there early so your fist pick is still available we went on a Wednesday so the my pick was spicy caramel and he had the red velvet (i think). Here is the link to their site and if you live in the valley def go check them out !

okay so in the photo you can see that lil braid thing i did with my hair! i swear i have been trying to style my hair like this for months but i could never get the braid just right ! i finally nailed it woohoo

PS can you guys see how straight my teeth are now! ! braces are scheduled to come off middle of June, can you say excited!!

long reflexions

i've been using this belt way too much lately... obsessed much?? yes, i think so
anyways i got this maxi dress a year ago at holister and i have definitely got my moneys worth cuz i wear this all the time.
like for example here

guess what guys my face is clearing up so good
im so proud ! I've been washing my face every night  with bio re detoxifying cleanser i use the mary kay moisturize and treatment. the hard work is paying off


the ombree trend has been sweeping the blog world and i had to jump on the wagon girlies
i did my manucure with turquoise shades ,
then after some hours decided that the pinky and ring finger nails didnt really match so i went in search of new horizon
by "new horizons" i mean i snuck over to my boyfriends house and asked his kid sister for some nail polish donations :)
i think they turned out pretty cute dontcha?

How wonderful life is when your in the world! 
i kinda went over the top with the flower motifs today didn't i ?

Monday, May 23, 2011

swimming in salt water

So i had the hardest time finding the perfect swimsuit. i even might or might have not gone into depression while trying some on. body issues just seem to be amplified by one hundred when trying to pick out a  bathing suit... tell im wrong ladies??anyway after a torturous quest and endless trips to departments stores,online browsing and hours in fitting rooms i finally found a good one at macys this lil number is made by guess n only 80 bucks


Thursday, May 19, 2011


guess who got flowers at work !! 
this girl !
i have the sweetest boyfriend :) yes im bragging and... 

mostly because i had no idea and was as surprised as ever <3 it felt great to know i am loved 
they smell delicious and they bloomed beautifully  

here is my outfit for today
nice and fresh for this blazing Arizona heat. 
it's hard staying modest when the weather is at triple digits but it CAN be done  
... one tip i have: chose light fabrics !!

Friday, May 13, 2011

snapshots from the week

1. Crisp cut hairs ! someone got a haircut ..
2. Who knew this girl actually paid attention in seminary :D
good cause and effect there
3.Go watch this movie!!  its quite the flick, you will enjoy it i promise
4 Sparkly bear feet boots ! Soo IN this season


Why are babies so darn cute !!

Do tell my dear

Ahh what have i been up to that i have missed blogging for so many days !! I'm sorry ladies. i have been wearing really cute outfits i promise :) just haven't took the time to photograph them for evidence. I need to get on yesterdays chores eeekkkk

Life has truly changed for the better and im so excited! I was telling my friend Brenna the other day, i haven't been this happy since well... i can't remember when because the when had not happened till now....

Meeting him and allowing myself to give him a chance was the best decision i have made in months. Honestly don't know what i was scared of. The denial part hahah  yea, I'm the worst.

i cant believe how patient he has been with me . I'm a roller coaster when it comes to decisions. anyway meet my man

  It's official 

don't we make the cutest couple (insert huge smile)

remarkably UN-coincidental ... if i told you all the little things that led me to this very moment in time you would never believe your eyes so i will spare you the details and leave you with the knowledge that it was meant to be. S+B= Smiley Faces

Monday, May 2, 2011

Disappearing act

shoes  Catherine lee
skirt down east basics
shirt express

Sunday outfit lovies! i love Sundays !! i used to not love them as much but now they are my fave does that make me sound old?... Didn't think so

Somebody told me i looked like a 50's house wife today ! best compliment ever !! not the housewife part just the 50's lol

I've been rocking this hairstyle for two days now. Only because my hair has grown out its cut and i can't get it to look decent just by straightening.  Don't fret this hair style is super easy and looks 100% fabulous haaha

 Say hello to pink cheeks and porcelain skin
 Side swiped bangs 

and the Cutest Dimples....

wait where are my dimples ??????

i was freaking out when i was taking these pics. i thought my dimples were gone. For whatever reason they had de-friended me and had moved out of my face ... maybe they got evicted. maybe they had better plans... My life was shattered into tiny lil pieces. Life  flashed before my eyes. noooooooo!! they are gone :(
then i smiled really really hard just to double check ...

Poof!! they are still with me. phew!


1. Baby gato miedo 
2.Beautiful flowers i received for receptionist day.  Never knew such day existed, but so thankful for my boss n his kind wife :)
3. Huge-antic moth monster in our sun room eeeekkk scary !!
4.Delicious bean soup my dear mother made. Packed with protein and yummy beyond reason.