Friday, October 29, 2010

window shopping

Shopping with my boyfriend is either very helpful (he has good taste) or really annoying!!
Opinionated people make me angry. My boyfriend fits the description when it comes to shopping. Either way I always win but getting to that is the hard part.

First i checked out Aldo. I liked these booties.

 His verdict: the rubber part of the sole is too chunky. What, these are amazing i thought! Then i look a closer look and i didn't really love them anymore... boo!!! way to ruin a good thing

Off to the next store
here i saw these.

me- "I like these babe".
he makes a face. Then he says "they're cool" but.... ugh the dreaded but and then a pause
me- then i started to see all the ugly things in this shoe. Laces, the buckle thing, the top part mmm "i know lets keep looking"

We arrive at guess. Glad i listened to my opinionated boy cuz we both fell in Shoe Love. this picture looks a little light. The shoes are actually a light brown carmel color. anyway he's getting me these and i cant wait to wear them . they are super comfy and look so cute on.
what should i wear with these any ideas ??

Thursday, October 28, 2010

chicken n waffles love at first bite

OK so i admit it i have been slacking again on my blog but this time its not my fault completely I'm waiting on my friend to send me some pictures from her baby shower and ill post the last blog but shes having some difficulties so in the mean time let me fill you in on what i have been up to.

On Monday my boyfriend and I will decided to head out to Lolo's Chicken and Waffles . I have been telling him for weeks that he has to try it. I finally got him to go with me. So we get there and he's looking around i know he thinks that it might not be good. Inside I'm smirking like u will see . I order my meal and he his. I had to add my grits on the side mmmm yummy .  Ever since last time i went to Lolo's all i could thing about was those yummy grits with the brown sugar and the butter scoop. I know its not good for ur health but damm good for our soul and the taste buds aren't complaining either ...when the food arrived he took a bite and his eyes lid up. He looked at me greasy fingered licking his lips while he chewed on his chicken piece and he said to me  "this is like my gran ma used to make" Mission accomplished ! he is in love !

He loved it so much that the next day he went again for lunch. Something funny about my boyfriend, if he tries something new and likes it will eat if for a week. Hes so silly. Same thing happened when he first tried Chipotle. He wanted to eat it everyday but i put a stop to day real quick if i eat something so much i get sick of it and i didn't want that.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

baby shower

Yesterday was my friend's baby shower!! We played games, talked about baby stuff, saw some old friends, and stuffed our faces. Overall was a good day

Can my tummy personally thank Jen for making some awesome food. Spinach dip was my top favorite dish made , I might have to ask her for a recipe... not that I would make it myself,  i actually have a plan in mind. Get the recipe then i will hand it over to my big sis gabby for her to make. haha sneaky me... Whaaat !! You all know i don't like to be inside kitchens.... dinning rooms tables is more my style

We played the game where we have to guess how big her tummy is- i got close but not enough :( then we played this game about how many months all the animals carry their baby's and i sucked at that one. I only got like 3 right answers right lol and i guessed for most the only one i knew for sure was the elephant. They carry their babies for 20-22 months isn't that crazy?! Its almost the amount of time it takes to lease a car.if i where and elephant i would just adopt.

After we played the games it was time to open presents. She was excited for that. I was her helper i got to hand her presents. She's such a diva. she got a ton of baby clothes and useful things like a diaper bag bottles Binky's and whole bunch of other crap. Jade's niece Maya kept asking.." more clothes ??"  inside she was jealous she wasn't getting presents . she's so cute.

anyway theres a lil update

Friday, October 22, 2010


Sorry everyone i have been MIA. My bad, didn't mean to neglect the readers. In my defense i have been preoccupied . Well, not really, i could be doing more important things with my life instead i let the days fade into one another.

reason #1 i have been slacking; I mostly spend my time on Frontville. My current obsession not something to brag about but hey what is a girl to do.... lol . this is my sisters conversation on facebook
sister: chonch
me     what
sister  waht r u doing
me      frontville
sister   send me stuff
me      waht do u need
sister   i need ribbon some eggs oh a water agreement and food
me      ok i cnat send u ribbon i need it for my baby
sister   ok send me tools then
me      ok
sister    i send u something
me      ok send me a hammer and paint
sister   ok wahts my moms password ill send u stuff from hers
me       its o#@%$&^&%$& and the password is $#^3%*%6

This is just sad, isn't it?? we made a fake frontville on my moms Facebook to help us pass missions . we are officially frontville losers. Yea that pretty sums up my workday. Don't worry i wont get fired the girls in the back do it too i saw them.

Reason # 2 i have been slacking: There is a baby in the house. Gotta get all the time i can with my baby nephew. He is just so darn adorable i just wanna squeeze him and kiss him all day. He's getting so big already, 12 pounds and he's only a month and a half old. Wow hes gonna be a fatty.

This Saturday I'm attending my friend's baby shower won't that be fun. Baby showers are more fun then any other cheesy special occasion party (bachellorette) Anyway I'm excited for that and have some shopping to do. I CANT wait till he's finally here he's gonna be such a handsome lil boy.

Halloween is almost here and i still have no decided on a costume. I'm torn between being Betty boop, 80's barbie or a Lion. I saw some really cool makeup tutorials for each and I'm considering the options I'm more leaning for the Betty boop but i need some input. What should i be?? oh also yard decorations are up ill be doing a blog on before and after maybe a tutorial :) 

I'm having a bedroom reveal soon!! be excited ppl. I promise i will not slack on my blog from now on . I need to start posting at least every week. If nothing exciting happens i will still have to post and keep updating regularly.