Friday, December 30, 2011

did it my self

Do you want to spend close 400 on a gown preservation cleaner to preserve and store your wedding dress OR do you do an at home light washing of your gown,  buy a preservation box from amazon that only costs 30 dollars and store it yo dang self ?? yeah , i took the second option baby we are in a recession and not willing to spend half of what i paid for the dress to have it cleaned and preserved ...

don't get me wrong this shorty does her research...
and in that (research)i concluded that: point 1; the chances of me wearing the dress again are slim to none lol
point numero dos ; the people at the dry cleaners are going to sink my dress in a water diluted fabric softener filled tub give it a good three rinses and call it a good day
third if i for some far fetched reason want to wear my cute little princess gown again i don't want to feel guilty knowing that i paid half a g for someone to stuff the huge bundle and not be able to put it back in.
And forth but definitely not least ,
most of the preserving agent are not in the actual cleaning of the dress but in the box itself so holla for diy projects

now how did this... ^

fit into this.. v

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